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A reliable, flexible Open Source e-commerce solution for internet retailers of all trades.

Originally based on Zen Cart, it has evolved into a flexible and robust system of its own, that allows you to get the shopping cart you want.

21/10/2013: Development of ZenMagick has been suspended and is no longer supported. This site will continue to exist for a transitional time.

Thanks for all the support over the years, sadly it hasn't worked out.


Open Source e-commerce With Professional Features

  • Unlimited Products/Categories
  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Language
  • Clean, uncluttered admin
  • Custom product types
  • Built-in Ajax support
  • Open Source
  • Flexible extensibility via plugins
  • Free shipping and billing modules
  • Simple PHP based templating
  • Free and commercial support
  • PHP 5.3 Ready


Luckily, ZenMagick has let me sidestep most of the templating nastiness, otherwise I think I'd have given up and gone to live in a cave by now.

— Matt

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